Duterte to make an important announcement

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is set to make a very important announcement on September 7 at four in the afternoon.

The announcement will be made at the Grand Men Seng Hotel where Duterte often meets the press and people who wanted an audience with him.

The Duterte camp however refused to give any details as to the topic of such an important announcement.

The City Information Office advisory simply stated the time and place and that it is an “important announcement”.

A follow-up on Duterte’s chief aide Lawrence “Bong” Go also did not reveal much. He said that it will just be a “simple presscon, period”.

Other sources from the Duterte camp also refused to give any detail hinting that there was a strict order from the mayor not to give any comment or details when asked.

One source however told CNN Philippines that the announcement will be Duterte’s “official pronouncement”. On what what issue, the source is already mum.

Rumors flew thick and fast though that Duterte’s announcement on Monday has something to do with his final decision on the presidential race.

Last August 28, thousands of Duterte supporters from all over the country attended the culmination of the nationwide “Run Duterte Run” caravan here in Davao City. More than 3,000 vehicles participated from the said caravan with about 19 million people expressing support for Duterte’s possible candidacy.

The overwhelming support from people from all walks of life has tremendously impacted Duterte’s refusal to run.

In addressing the crowd, Duterte said that it is his family that is preventing him from relenting to the clamor. He told the crowd to give him some time for him to convince his family. This statement of the mayor was greeted with a thunderous applause and chanting of Run Duterte Run.

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