Only Duterte can reform the PNP

The Philippine National Police should revert to its military character, when it comes to discipline, like its predecessor, the Philippine Constabulary (PC).

There is a breakdown of discipline within the PNP and an iron hand is needed to restore order among the ranks.

Low-ranking cops don’t fear or respect their superiors because they hide behind Civil Service rules and “due process” when they commit abuses.

The police officers, in turn, shrug their shoulders at their subordinates’ defiant attitude, charging it to the civilian nature of the PNP.

The lack of discipline at the PNP is very much unlike the way it was then when the national police was still the PC.
The PC was a major branch of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and its members were subjected to military discipline.

Back then, superiors were feared and respected by subordinates.

Erring subordinates cowered in fear when they were summoned by their superiors because the latter had the power to dismiss them on the spot.

The PC had the same discipline as the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force.
* * *
Once again, I witnessed this lack of discipline within the PNP on Thursday when four cops who are facing charges of illegal arrest, robbery-extortion and physical injuries refused to submit themselves for investigation.
SPO1 Renato Ablaza, PO3 Ruel Aguilar, PO2 Patrick Guevarra, PO2 Ronaldo Robles, all from the Manila Police District’s (MPD) Station 8 in Sta. Mesa, didn’t show up at the general assignment section (GAS) where they were told to report.

Chief Supt. Rolando Nana, MPD chief, earlier ordered the four policemen disarmed and to report to the GAS for a confrontation with Michael Hingpit who filed a complaint against them.

I accompanied Hingpit to the MPD so he would not be afraid to confront his erstwhile tormentors.
Hingpit had complained to me that he was arrested by the policemen while he and his boyfriend were in a taxicab.
At the police station where they were brought, Hingpit said he was divested of his cellular phone and P5,500 in cash, and then punched, kicked and threatened with a gun.

But the worse act the cops committed against Hingpit was to try to force him, while in handcuffs, to perform a sexual act with his boyfriend with them as spectators.
It was only after Michael made a stand did the cops relent.
* * *
Should Rody Duterte decide to run for President next year and win, we will have a very disciplined police force.
All policemen in Davao City, without exception, toe the line.

Duterte brooks no abuse of authority by the police and military, as well as those in other government offices.
Some drunken cops or soldiers from other places, who went to the city for rest and recreation, have regretted their abusive behavior after they were disarmed and jailed.

In many instances, Duterte himself led the team that arrested “armed and dangerous” drunken cops or soldiers.
Only Duterte can reform the PNP, among the most undisciplined police organizations in the world.
That is, if we make him our president.

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